Meet the Team

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John Deely

Founder and cco 

Married to Gráinne, together they have 4 children. Have been self employed in Galway City since 1999.

John is an active member of Galway's business community, the Latin Quarter and is a long standing supporter of cultural events in the city. He opened Europe's first DC Store, and has established relationships with international brands. John takes a hands on and plain spoken approach to developing new propositions. 

John has rallied the community around the The Vault and has invested in the vision and design of the space and its experience.


The world has changed & technology has advanced at such an incredible pace. We want to take the advances in technology, and use them to build connection, humanise work. We want to combine passion & purpose and bring great ideas to life.


Dave Cunningham


Dave does Yoga and he used to play golf for Ireland.

He is also the CEO of Beolas Health & Innovation, Co-Founder of Galway City Innovation District, Co-Founder of the Innovating West Conference, Founder of The Lean StartUp Summit London and Group Head of Business Development at Phew...

Dave has been a champion for the development of entrepreneurship and technology in the West of Ireland. He is an integral part of the success of the Portershed, which is based in the growing innovation district in the city centre. 

Dave embodies the mindset of a healthy body and mind that The Vault intends to instil in the community. 


Daryl Mulvihill


Daryl has extracted what was in John's head and brought it into the three dimensional world!

He is an architect, documentary filmmaker and the founder of DMAU, an award winning, Urbanism and Architectural Design firm, based in Amsterdam. DMAU have realised public spaces combining urban sports, skate and play in The Hague and Amsterdam. Daryl has worked as an advisor for play projects in Dublin and London. 

Daryl's work engages directly with the people and context of a place. This has informed his work for The Vault which has been designed in close collaboration with John and Galway's local community skaters, climbers and young creators.

Daryl envisions The Vault as an extension of the street, a meeting place for young and old, ideas and actions.


Eoin Billings

Design Consultant

Eoin was born a Dub, but married a Galway Girl!

Eoin is a founding partner of Billings Jackson, a world leading industrial design firm with studios in London, New York and Chicago. Eoin trained in Industrial Design and won the graduate's Gold Medal, awarded by the Society of Designers in Ireland. His firm has worked on transit projects in New York, London and Moscow and urban projects in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. He is a Fellow of the RSA, whose mission is to enrich society through ideas and actions.

Eoin "makes peoples dreams tangible - by giving them form where they make a real impact."  



Thomas Langan


Sometimes his reputation for Dad jokes precedes him.

Otherwise Tom is known for business development and marketing. His background is in design, digital and hospitality. Previously he was the marketing manager for Irish product design consultancy Design Partners, where he ran an intercollegiate design competition and represented the firm during the international Irish Design 2015 programme. He has volunteered with Junior Achievement Ireland and is a board member of Above the Fold, a project that hosts talks and events designed to celebrate Ireland’s cultural landscape. 

Tom believes that we all have the capacity to release our imagination into our own unique creative expressions, positively impacting the world around us. 



Niall Warde

Graphic Design

After a recent beard trimming mis-hap, Niall has been forced to reveal his entire face!

Niall is a Galway based graphic designer and illustrator. He is the founder of Teanga, a visual communications company that emphasises clear, modern design. Niall is leading the visual direction for The Vault while developing City of Tribes, a project that focuses on modern illustrations rooted in Galway’s tribal history. After graduating from Visual Communications in Athlone IT in 2012, he moved to Dublin where he was part of the in-house team at Hot Press Magazine, working on illustration, typography and brand projects.

While Niall’s work is applied to print, web and clothing, he creates simple expressions that everyone can enjoy. 


Seán Kelly

Community Development

Seán has a Master Degree in Sustainable Development from NUI Galway. He is the project liaison between The Vault and the Blackstone LaunchPad, NUI Galway's campus based entrepreneurship programme. He has been involved in over-seas projects with humanitarian aid organisations who are building sustainable housing for families in need. Over the past three years he has worked alongside local action groups to support the implementation of cohesive community initiatives. 

Seán’s mission is to develop a model for community led spaces that can be suited to the needs of towns across the West of Ireland, Europe and beyond.