Curious about The Vault?

This page has answers.

But not all of them :) 

 For more answers get in touch through @vaultgalway on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by email below. 

When will The Vault open? 

Planning permission was granted in 2017 which means the focus is on closing off investment to proceed with development and construction phases.

Construction will start in 2019 and we will have further updates as we continue to progress.

Will there be family memberships?


The Vault has been designed for everyone - together or individually. We will be detailing our membership plans once we move to construction. 

Can I run events at The Vault?

Yes again!

The entire basement level has been designed to open up for community and live events. Other spaces have been kept for workshops and smaller groups. We will also be running programmes of events with partners. If you have a proposal then we would love to hear it! 

How can I get involved or support The Vault?

It is the people of Galway who have inspired and supported The Vault. If you would like to get involved you can start by getting in touch or following our progress on social media or The Vault newsletter. 

We have yet to design the initial programme of workshops and events so we invite anyone to express their interest, share ideas or ask us any questions.

Are you recruiting? 

We are not recruiting at the moment but we will be adding to the team once The Vault opens. You can still  drop us a line and a real person will reply to you.


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